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Hi, my name is Gilles. I am the founder of Meij Design & Survey.

In the past I traveled a lot and  lived even a few years abroad. Although I do not like the flights, living abroad is fun.

I live in Delft and enjoy the life in this city. My favorite lunchrooom is Leonidas. I like there coffee & cakes, my wifes likes the variety of tea and my son likes the poffertjes. Perfect.

The last years I found that most customers struggle with their writing. They have the same feeling about writing as I have about flying.  Luckily I love to write, edit & design.

Yes, I like to meet and greet

It’s takes only half an hour 

Marketing websites generates more leads and sales

Including SEO and sales text

More visitors, requests and customers

A few meetings in person

Complete WordPress website with DIVI

Improving of your existing website is possible

9 + 1 =

Meet & Greet is free, I will answer you within 2 working days

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